Monday, October 26, 2009

Walking on Water

Have you ever felt like you are in the middle of a storm and everyone around you expects you to be walking calmly on the water? I feel like I feel like that the majority of the time. Like my life is always chaotic and crazy rushing around being beat by the waves and going against the wind yet everyone always looks at me like, "why are you not calmly walking on water?" and when you think about it, I should be. The whole reason Peter was able to do that was because he never took his eyes off Jesus. He never lost focus, and when he did, he began to sink. I need to stay focused, I need to keep my eyes glued on what my goal is, Pleasing God. Not look around and see if I am pleasing others, not look around and see what craziness is going on around me but look ahead and see the stability in God!

Hope you guys can pray for me that I will stop sinking in the water and I hope you guys will not be sinking right beside me but that we can walk clamly next to eachother with a strong faith that God knows what He's doing in the midst of the storm!

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