Monday, October 26, 2009

Walking on Water

Have you ever felt like you are in the middle of a storm and everyone around you expects you to be walking calmly on the water? I feel like I feel like that the majority of the time. Like my life is always chaotic and crazy rushing around being beat by the waves and going against the wind yet everyone always looks at me like, "why are you not calmly walking on water?" and when you think about it, I should be. The whole reason Peter was able to do that was because he never took his eyes off Jesus. He never lost focus, and when he did, he began to sink. I need to stay focused, I need to keep my eyes glued on what my goal is, Pleasing God. Not look around and see if I am pleasing others, not look around and see what craziness is going on around me but look ahead and see the stability in God!

Hope you guys can pray for me that I will stop sinking in the water and I hope you guys will not be sinking right beside me but that we can walk clamly next to eachother with a strong faith that God knows what He's doing in the midst of the storm!

Monday, October 12, 2009

God's Image

So My party I was so excited about got rained out, Litterally!! It was raining to hard to get the little guy out. So I was totally bummed to miss it but had an enjoyable evening listening to the rain with my husband instead! Maybe Next time!

So, here we are another Monday. I am learning a lesson about God putting us in the fire and holding us there. The Bible says, "He is our Purifier and Refiner." like a silversmith he holds us in the fire until he sees His reflection in us. Makes me wonder why is His image is so hidden inside me. Why is it not easier to be found? Why most I be held in the fire so long? I wonder if we think we are Godly than we are. Even when we are doing all teh right "church" things if he still needs to find hold us in the fire to remind us who is in charge. It humbles me to think that for so long and so many times I have been held in the fire and all this time I thought I was showing God's image to the world, Yet he is still looking for it!

If you are being held in the fire, know that God is with you, looking for His image to be shown clearly!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


So I am changing my Blog title to Confessions of a youth ministers wife! Y? Because I am baptist and never get to go to confessional! Where else in the world can you confess all your inner most secerets and not be judged? SO... 1st confession, I am addicted to Trash Television! All of it! The Hills, The City, The Housewives of every city imaginable! But tonight is all about The Office! Only the funniest show ever! And to celebrate the wedding of my two favorite people... besides LC from The Hills (who I would die if she ever got married!!) my friends and I are bringing out our ugly bridesmaid dresses from the past and having a party for Pam and Jim! Lame huh?! So why am I so totally stoked? Probably because I haven't done anything remotely this stupid and fun since like umm... yeah it's been that long!! So I will post pictures of how Ridiculous we look but let you see that sometimes you gotta let loose and have some fun at your own expense!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sunday night my husband preached an amazing sermon on direction. All about the fact that no matter what our intentions are the direction our path is, is the direction are life is going to take us. It got me thinking about where my life is right now. I thought it was at a dead end. For so many years I was on this path and all the sudden it came to a screeching hult and I thought: THE END. Now what. But the previous weeks my eyes have been opened and the street light has been turned on to show me i'm not at a dead end, I'm mearly at a fork in the road where I choose to move on or sit at the stop sign. I have choosen to move on, see where this road leads me. What does God have in store for me? I have no idea. But I do know one thing, I am excited to see the interesting places he brings me and the people that travel with me. The road I traveled got me this far, but it's a one way street, and there is no turning back now! I hope when you come to these places in your life where you feel like your at a dead end, you will pray that God shows you the street light so you to can choose not to sit at the stop sign but to move on down the road!

Friday, October 2, 2009

My first Blog!

So I'm doing it! I got rid of facebook to become a blogger! What a change. Maybe this wont be something I have a talent for but definitly a place to share my heart. Hopefully a place to connect with others as well!!
Like I said, my name is Kylee and I am Married to a youth pastor. Some people can relate to that and others might just be able to relate with the fact that everyone is always looking for something, someone, to be less than perfect and ready to admit it. That's me. Atleast that's what I strive to be. That's what I am hoping this blog will be for me. Somewhere to be myself without judgement.
Here's a quote I stole from another blog today that hit me like a brick wall, "God isn't interested in how good or Christian I can act or look-lots of big smiles or sweet talk. He's interested, no more than interested- He came to save me from that exact type of deceptive living & birth me into new life!" - That hit me so hard just thinking how God knows us and our intentions, Deep in our souls he knows us, not how we act, wanna act, or try to act. He knows us. Knows who we are and where we've been and how we got there!! Scary. Noone, not even our spouses sometimes, knows that much about us. But God knows. and the amazing thing is he loves us anyways. I am so thankful!! Noone in the world would love ME "anyways"!
Today is Friday and this has been a rough week. I am glad to say it is over and I have vowed to leave ALL the negative behind. I will not let others bring me down. From now on I will live for Christ and Christ alone. My new motto... If it's not positive it's not worth it! Heres to a new week, a new blog, a new way of life! Thank you God for a New life!


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