Monday, October 12, 2009

God's Image

So My party I was so excited about got rained out, Litterally!! It was raining to hard to get the little guy out. So I was totally bummed to miss it but had an enjoyable evening listening to the rain with my husband instead! Maybe Next time!

So, here we are another Monday. I am learning a lesson about God putting us in the fire and holding us there. The Bible says, "He is our Purifier and Refiner." like a silversmith he holds us in the fire until he sees His reflection in us. Makes me wonder why is His image is so hidden inside me. Why is it not easier to be found? Why most I be held in the fire so long? I wonder if we think we are Godly than we are. Even when we are doing all teh right "church" things if he still needs to find hold us in the fire to remind us who is in charge. It humbles me to think that for so long and so many times I have been held in the fire and all this time I thought I was showing God's image to the world, Yet he is still looking for it!

If you are being held in the fire, know that God is with you, looking for His image to be shown clearly!

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