Thursday, March 18, 2010

Confession #2!

So, I think I have learned this lesson a million times but Life is Hard! For some reason I lived under the misconception that as you got older, wiser, started making your own decisions, things would suddenly become easier. How wrong was I!!

This week Jon-Michael headed off to the fun land of Youth Ministry. The land where it feels like I lose my husband at least 3 times a year. While he is playing with the kids and serving the Lord, I'm left behind this stupid desk and being a single mom. (Which I must give props to full time single moms b/c this is the hardest job ever!)

Not only am I lonely and sad for him to be away for a week but as the week drags on I'm becoming bitter and angry. I guess this makes Confession #2 of my blog. I know it sounds terrible and awful for a youth pastors wife to get bitter and angry but it is so hard to share your husband. It is so hard to be left behind, forgotten, while it feels like everyone else is off having fun. It's so hard to hear how much fun people are having while I'm at a job I hate. By the way, didn't we sign up for this together? Wasn't this a Calling on both of our lives? Yet I always get left out of the fun stuff.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there is an Ultimate Purpose for why I get left behind. It's been a long week and it's almost over. I will pray through it and I know God's Strength will get me to the end. Pray with me for my heavy Heart!


  1. you should have called me! we were supposed to get together! your not as alone as you think :) i love you and remember God will honor your sacrifices-jill bryant

  2. hey friend cant wait to get together sounds like you need a friend and someone to listen. I know how you feel EVERY single one of my friends is a stay at home mom. Its so hard bc I do everything they do (as far as the house and life stuff) and work. I also feel ike working takes away from what I want for Copeland. It is so hard and I keep asking myself Lord you know how much I desire to stay at home with my son why are you not providing a way. Maybe I will know someday and maybe I will not but I have to trust (man that is not easY)

  3. My hubby is a catholic youth minister. I wanted to share my email address with you bc I always feel like us wives need support! Please contact me anytime to chat...



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